Common Heart Health Myths Exposed

      Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, so it is crucial that people understand the facts.

Myth#1: Heart Disease and Heart Attacks are an inevitable part of aging.

Truth: Your risk of heart attack does increase with age and genetics.  You can't change your genes, but you can change your lifestyle which that can have a marked impact on your chances of a heart attack. The results of landmark study involving 30,000 people concluded that heart attacks and strokes are preventable when you take measures to improve your risks with quitting smoking, exercise, a balanced diet and stress management.

Myth#2:Only Type A personalities have heart attacks.

Truth:Today, research shows that the Type A's may be more likely to exercise off stress than the Type B's (procrastinator) or Type D-distressed, depressed, worrywart personality. This type tends to cause more stress and inflammation in the body. When you are anxious all the time, your "fight or flight" response is always turned on. This causes your blood to become thick and sticky and your body is in a constant state of inflammation, which increases your odds of heart attack.

Myth#3: High Cholesterol is the main cause of heart disease and heart attacks.

Truth: Very High levels of cholesterol may lead to a cardiac event. But it's really the type of cholesterol that's the trouble. Cholesterol is made up of LDL (the lousy kind), HDL (happy kind), triglycerides, and very low density lipoproteins, which carry triglycerides through the blood. It is the LDL that is mostly responsible for heart disease and heart attacks. Detecting this type of cholesterol requires very specific laboratory testing that most people do not even have measured. If you think that your are at risk ask your doctor to run a more specific cholesterol screening , such as the small-particle LDL cholesterol test to further evaluate your risk.

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