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The Thyroid Gland… Master Regulator

The Thyroid Gland is called the master regulator as it controls an amazing amount of the body’s function. It is extremely dependent upon Iodine as well as other trace minerals to perform these functions.

Some of the major functions include:

*Controls the ability of all cells to make energy

*Makes the protein needed that operates all cells and tissues

*Opens cells membranes to allow hormones to pass in

*Regulates other glands such as the ovaries/testes, adrenals, thymus, hypothalamus, pituitary and pancreas

*Regulates gland cells in the heart, skin and kidneys

*Makes glucose from body fat

*Controls the amount of digestive enzymes

*Regulates the nerves in the brain

*Improves fertility in women

*Promotes hair growth

*Promotes skin hydration

*Regulates bone growth and repair

*Improves muscle tone

*Controls the rate of cholesterol from the liver

Thyroid dysfunction is a worldwide health problem, mostly as a result of Iodine deficiency. The number one reason cited by Medicine for thyroid dysfunction is Iodine deficiency. Yet many doctors tell patients to NEVER take Iodine!

Traditional laboratory tests are not always accurate in reporting thyroid function. Luckily there are other testing methods that are accurate to test thyroid function and Iodine deficiency.  Please discuss any concerns you may have about your thyroid and these inexpensive thyroid assessments on your office visit.

The information contained in this email is not meant to treat, cure or diagnose any illness, disease or health condition. Please contact a qualified health care practitioner with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health.

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