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The Holidays are coming!

Set yourself up for success even when surrounded by all that yummy (unfortunately not good for you food).


Think before you eatů.


Before you reach for that extra piece of pie or second helping, freeze- and ask your self these questions (post them on your fridge or on an index card in your wallet or purse as a reminder):


Am I really hungry?

Rate your hunger on a scale of 1-5 (1=ravenous and irritable, 5=stuffed and uncomfortable). At a 3, 4, or 5, close the fridge of cabinet door! Pause and let the urge pass.


Have I had enough to drink?

We often mistake thirst for hunger. Before you eat those chips, cookies, cake or pie, have a glass of water or a sip of tea, wait 20 minutes and reevaluate your hunger status.


Will I truly savor this food?

Think how you might feel after you eat those weight gaining foods-satisfied or guilty? Are you eating out of an emotional need?  Eating some of those not so good for us foods slowly and savoring every bite might help you to eat less of them.


Enjoy food in moderation without judging yourself, feeling guilty, and mindfully is one of the keys to not overeating.


 Dr. Cimperman and Dr. Gallagher are available for personal dietary consultations. Please contact them at 724-586-9777


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