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Confused About Fats?

While some fats are bad for us-trans fatty acids and partially hydrogenated oils-essential fatty acids are clearly necessary for health. Essential fatty acids are just that essential for life and good health.

What are Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and what can they do for you?

Essential Fatty Acids cannot be manufactured by your body, so they must be obtained through food or supplements.  Alarmingly, many degenerative conditions of aging have been attributed to insufficient EFA intake. The good news is research has shown that incorporating these EFAs into the diet can positively affect how your cells in your body function.

How do these EFAs help with improving your health…

EFAs and Brain Function

A large part of the fat in the brain is DHA which comes from a fish oil such as Tuna.  A lack of this essential oil can affect memory, concentration, one’s ability to focus and depression. In fact studies have linked low fatty acid intake to depression, postpartum depression and schizophrenia. A few studies have shown that EFAs improved both schizophrenia and depression and increased remission time in bipolar disorder.

EFAs and Heart Health

According to the American Heart Association; although the mechanism responsible for omega-3 fatty acids in reducing cardiovascular disease risk is still being studied, research has shown:

·         Decreased sudden death and arrhythmia

·         Decreased blood clots

·         Decreased triglyceride levels

·         Decreased growth of the narrowing of the arteries

·         Improved arterial health

·         Lower blood pressure

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are essential for good health. Due to our busy lifestyle and diet it is likely that you are not getting a sufficient amount of EFAs. You should consider taking a quality omega-3 fish oil supplement.


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