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Choosing Healthy Fats

Fats are the most concentrated source of energy in the diet. They supply the body with  long term energy. They are important in making hormones, protecting the heart, fighting diabetes and aid in weight loss. 

Twenty to Thirty percent of daily calories should come from fats and oils. For the best health choose healthy fats that contribute to better health.

The best quality fats/oils are all fresh and cold pressed. They include flax oil, fish, sunflower seeds, almonds, cold pressed oils in tins (extra virgin olive oil), pumpkin seeds, walnuts, seaweed, hazelnuts, gamebirds, and sesame seeds.

Reasonable fats/oils include: Venison, eggs, organic butter, chicken, roasted fresh nuts and seeds, mechanically cold-pressed oils in glass bottles.

Use the following fats/oils in small amounts: Bottled hydrogentated vegetable oils, beef, diary products, fried foods and pork. DO NOT USE MARGARINE it is a hydrogenated oil and does not promote good health.

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