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Muscle Pain: Muscle pain is very common with statin use. Myopathy (muscle pain), involving actual damage to the muscle tissue can be very serious. If this continues and the drugs are not stopped a dangerous and sometimes fatal condition will occur called rhabdomylosis.


Liver Function: Changes in liver function can occur in some people. It should return to normal when the drug is stopped.


Mental Effects: Some patients have reported changes in memory, attention and concentration. As per recent studies it was found that statin drugs, on the average, reduce cognition.


Depression and Irritability: Some people report changes in mood including loss of interest in activities and social involvement. Severe irritability has also been reported in some patients.


Pain: Although muscle pain is a recognized side effect of these drugs, headaches, joint pain and abdominal pain have also been reported but not extensively studied.


Neuropathy: Studies confirm that neuropathy (tingling and numbness or burning pain) may occur with statin use.


Other Side Effects: Sleep problems, sexual dysfunction problems, fatigue, dizziness are also reported with these drugs. Some patients have experienced swelling, shortness of breath, hunger, dry skin, rashes, nausea/upset stomach, ringing in the ears, vision changes, blood sugar and blood pressure changes.


Nutrient Depletion:  There is published scientific evidence that statins lower Co-enzyme Q10 levels. Low levels of CoQ10 relate to muscle and brain dysfunction. Plus, CoQ10 is essential for heart function. Blood tests show that Vitamin D levels are generally lower in statin-users who experience muscle pain.


If you are currently taking cholesterol lowering medication, please discuss these side effects with your physician.  We encourage you to speak with your physician before stopping any prescribed medications.


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