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                                       10 Instant De-Stressors


  1. Listen to slow tunes

Slower paced music can lower your heart rate and blood pressure.


  1. Talk a walk

Being outside and looking a trees and birds along with the act of walking briskly really helps your body to produce anti- stress hormones.


  1. Take 5 minutes of quite time for yourself

 Sit quietly with no phone, television or any other interruptions.


  1. Burn a scented candle

Japanese researchers found that candles containing lavender, lemon and mango reduce the activity of genes that normally elevate stress hormones.


  1. Laugh-it really is the best medicine

It temporarily reduces your heart rate and blood pressure according to the experts at the Mayo Clinic.


  1. Lend a hand

Helping other is a great way to feel good about yourself… the "helpers high", according to Stephen Post the author of  Why Good Thing Happen to Good People.


  1. Listen up

A recent study found that when people gave emotional support to another they felt less stressed themselves.


  1. Chew a piece of gum

It  may help to lower cortisol, a stress hormone, according to an Australian study.


  1. Distract yourself

Reading, hobbies or games such as Sidoku will help to take your mind off of the things that may be causing you stress.


10. Loosen up tight clothes


      Restrictive clothes-especially if they put

      pressure on your stomach- cause your muscles

      to tighten.  Get those sweat pants out!


Just an extra tip…..


Eat dark chocolate, it lowers the stress hormones. All you need is an ounce.


Remember the Holidays come just once a year……

Enjoy them!


This health message brought to you by

Dr. Larry Cimperman and Dr. Agnes Gallagher


This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease, illness, or health condition. Please contact a qualified health care provider with any concerns or questions you may have regarding your health.

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