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Women taking Hormones after Menopause can spur deadly breast cancer.



An 11 year federally funded study by the Women’s Health Initiative concluded that women who take estrogen and progestin not only increase their chances of getting breast cancer but also seem to face a small increased risk of dying from the disease.


The study of more then 16,000 women who were followed for 11 years produced the first powerful evidence that deaths from breast cancer were common among hormone users, apparently because those who took the once-popular medication for more than five years were more likely to receive a diagnosis of more advanced tumors.


The new analysis of the Women’s Health Initiative, published in today’s issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, was based on 11 years of data, instead of the original 5 ˝ years, and found women who took the hormones were more likely as those who did not to develop more difficult-to-treat tumors and were found with tumors that had begun to spread.


This new information, coupled with the published research finding last year, that found women who took hormones were about 70 percent more likely to die from lung cancer, raises the question, do the risks of hormone replacement out way the benefits.


Today millions of women still take hormones!


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