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The Estrogen Breast Cancer Connection...



                         Estrogen and Cancer


Every woman produces estrogen, but not every woman processes estrogen the same way. Adult women are prone to cancer if there is an imbalance in how the body breaks down estrogen. Research has shown that he body breaks down estrogen into two different forms. One form known as the "good estrogen", (2-hydroxyestrone), tends to protect against tumor formation. The second form of estrogen known as the "bad estrogen", (16- alpha hydroxyestrone), can actually promote tumor development. Research has shown that women who produce more of the "bad estrogen" are at greater risk for breast cancer.


Reducing Cancer Risk...


Cruciferous Vegetables are known to reduce cancer risks. Since the late 1970’s, research has shown that women who eat cruciferous vegetables have an overall reduced risk of breast cancer. Vegetables such as kale and Brussels sprouts contain compounds that shift the breakdown of estrogen to the more protective "good estrogen," thus protecting against cancer.


Research has shown, women who supplemented their diet with dehydrated organic Brussels sprouts and kale were able to experience a substantial positive shift in their estrogen metabolism.


How can you increase the levels of "good estrogen?"


A new study has shown that a supplement program containing 3.6 grams of dehydrated Brussels sprouts and kale was effective in tipping the delicate balance of estrogens in favor of the good form. Organically grown, bio-available kale and Brussels sprouts are now available in a supplement.


While at the office speak to the Doctor's concerning the benefits of  whole food supplements and how they can benefit your estrogen metabolism.





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