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Something smells fishy around here...


Now that we got your attention, it's important to know that heavy metal contamination is a very real health risk today, especially Mercury.  Not only does it cause high blood pressure due to kidney stress, but it also affects many other organs in the body.                                                                                                 


 Who has mercury toxicity? Well for starters the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat can be contaminated.   This means any of us can have mercury toxicity.                         


What is mercury? Mercury is a naturally occurring metal which has several forms. It can be a shiny silver liquid as we have seen in old thermometers. Or it can be a colorless, odorless gas when heated. In manufacturing, mercury is added to other compounds to form a substance called methyl-mercury. Mercury is used in dental fillings, as a preservative in immunizations, in batteries, in skin lighting creams, in antiseptic creams, and ointments.


You may be exposed to mercury by eating fish or shellfish          contaminated with mercury or from breathing vapors in the air  from spills, incinerators and industries that burn mercury          containing fuels. Mercury is also released from dental work and   medical treatment. The nervous system, especially the brain, and kidneys have the highest risk of permanent damage. Symptoms   such as irritability, tremors, change in vision or hearing, high     blood pressure, and memory problems could result  from             exposure.                                                                                           


By using a very simple and painless tool one could easily check for mercury exposure. The Hair Mineral Test is an EPA            approved test to determine your health risk. Please ask for a    copy of a brochure that explains this test on your next office    visit.                                                                                              






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