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     PART  I ---- Multivitamins


A Whole Food Multivitamin is Important for Health


Good nutrition is the key to health. The body cannot exist without food and water. More importantly, the quality and nutritional value of the foods that are eaten greatly impact health.


Foods today are often deficient in good nutritive value for many reasons. The Western diet is comprised mostly of processed and refined foods. These foods are commonly eaten at the expense of nutrient-dense whole foods. To complicate matters, we are regularly exposed to many environmental toxins, also having a negative impact on our health.


Most people take a multivitamin to supply their body with the nutrients missing from their diet. However, not all multivitamins are the same. Many contain single nutrients in high amounts. Research suggests that single nutrients, taken out of the food complex, may not be as effective in promoting health as eating the whole food. Whole foods, on the other hand, offer essential nutrients, both known and unknown, that are needed to support health. That is why we offer a multivitamin supplement, Catalyn, that supplies both the known and unknown nutrients found in food.






Catalyn, introduced in 1929, contains approximately 15 different food sources. Catalyn provides nutrients as nature intended- in whole food form-so you may receive many of the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients the whole food provides, rather than incomplete isolated components of the food. In addition, specific glandular extracts complement the whole food components to stimulate cell and tissue repair.


Catalyn is only sold through licensed health care practitioners.

It is also available in a cherry flavored chewable, perfect for children. Get healthy today with an awesome whole food supplement!


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