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Middlesex Moments


   Sneezing, itchy, wheezing and coughing...

      There"s something in the air...Polle

         Its allergy season!


Each spring, summer and fall,plants release pollen-

tiny, powdery granules necessary for plant fertilization.

These pollen granules,which are transported by wind, enter into our nose and throat, triggering seasonal allergic reactions for millions of people.


The most common pollen producers are ordinary looking plants!

Trees, grasses and weeds are the culprits. Most people have very little contact with the large, heavy, waxy pollen grains of many flowering plants because this type of pollen is carried by insects, not by wind.


What happens when you breathe in pollen?

Breathing in pollen triggers your immune system, which serves as the body"s defense mechanism against foreign substances. The body treats the pollen as an invader and generates large amounts of antibodies to combat this invasion. These antibiodies are generated by cells located in your nose, eyes, throat and lungs.

 They are called mast cells and are a type of white blood cell. An allergic reaction starts when the allergic molecules ( pollen) come in contact with these mast cell antibodies. The cells then release inflammatory chemicals, such as histamine, that cause many of the symptoms associated with seasonal allergies.


Now you can treat allergies safely and naturally

 Using Homeopathic remedies, natural anti-inflammatory products and chiropractic adjustments, you stimulate your immune system to clear up stuffed sinuses, combat runny noses itchy eyes and other allergy symptoms safely and effectively.


Please contact Dr. Cimperman or

Dr. Gallagher with any questions concerning allergies that you may have.


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