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What are the health benefits of a Detox or Purification program?

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On Monday January 24 @ 6:30p-7:30p

Presented by Standard Process Representativ Brian Foltz and

Dr. Cimperman and Dr. Gallagher.

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The word “detoxification” could be considered to be anything from a “myth” or “mass delusion” to a spiritual ritual or a vital physical therapy. Medically, detoxification is viewed as only a withdrawal method for people with drug or alcohol dependency. However, detoxification as a healing strategy for the rest of us-particularly if we suffer with chronic pain, fatigue, allergies, intolerances, immune disorders, musculoskeletal problems, digestive distress, cancer, or any other disorder-is often not considered. Furthermore, many detoxification methods are considered useless or possibly injurious. What’s the story?


Our bodies naturally go through regular cycles of detoxification (mostly during the night). The primary systems involved are: lymphatic, liver, digestive tract, urinary, respiratory, and skin. They work together to neutralize and eliminate wastes and potentially harmful substances that come from both inside and outside the body. The lymphatic system collects garbage from the cells and shuttles fluids, fats and waste to the liver which constantly filters and purifies the blood. The liver essentially decides which substances the body needs and which to break down and remove. The digestive tract possesses various tools, from hydrochloric acid in the stomach, to the colon which readies the wastes for expulsion. The colon disarms, sequester, and rid the digestive tract of foreign and harmful materials. The respiratory system not only exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide, but it traps and ousts toxins from the air we breathe. The kidneys continually filter the blood and produce urine to excrete wastes and toxins. Skin eliminates toxins via sweat. Problems arise when there are too many toxic agents that accumulate or if any of the normal detoxification systems are interfered with or not working properly.


Sadly, each one of us now carries a toxic soup—our individual body burden—due to the ubiquitous presence of noxious chemical substances. It has been shown through the use of blood and urine testing that we have at least 171 toxic chemicals in our systems. Some of us have as many toxins in our bodies as the weight of an average bowling ball. These toxins are found in the form of extra body FAT! Studies show that 100% of adults have synthetic and industrial chemicals like dioxins and PCBs, stored in their bodies. There are also heavy metals (such as lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic), pesticides, pollutants, drugs, chemicals from plastics, sodium fluoride, food additives, and too many others to list. The body stores what it can’t get rid of and eventually has symptoms of toxic overload. Our food, water, and air are contaminated, disrupting Nature’s fabric and our connection to its healing properties.


Studies show that diet and environment cause up to 95% of cancers and most other modern degenerative diseases. Once environmental toxins are locked in human bodies, no one can guess what diseases they’ll trigger in a person. We each have our own blends of toxic soup and unique combinations of depleted or imbalanced nutrients. That’s why, for example, 10 people living in a toxic building will have 10 totally different symptoms or illnesses. Documented ill effects of toxins include “autoimmune” diseases, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, obesity, gland and hormonal disturbances, gastrointestinal disturbances, kidney damage, neurological diseases including Parkinson’s, depression, anxiety, sick building syndrome, cancer of all types, infertility, low birth weight, spontaneous abortion, multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, and many more.


Overburdening our bodies overworks our natural detoxification pathways and depletes nutrients.




One of the most reliable methods to determining the presence of heavy metals in the body is the mineral hair test. This test is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, to determine the heavy metal burden in the body.

Another highly effective method of determining both the toxic chemical and metal burden to the body would be Nutrition Response Testing, NRT. Lastly, but not as effective would be blood and urine samples. These are the least effective because the person who is being tested would have to have such a high exposure level that their immediate life would most likely be in danger. The first two methods show us low level exposure that can eventually cause disease and illness over a long term period. This office is equipped to perform all the testing necessary to determine your toxic chemical and heavy metal burden.






 Detoxification and stimulation of the organs is generally a very safe and effective procedure that results in better health, less aches and pains and more energy. However, it is not something that one should try without the help of an experienced board certified licensed health care professional. There are many methods and levels of detoxification available, some can even cause more harm then good. So again, for this reason please seek the advice of a licensed health care professional before starting any detoxification program.


Both Dr. Cimperman and Dr. Gallagher have had many years of experience in helping patients to safely detoxify there systems. Please call the office with any questions or concern  you may have about starting a detoxification program.


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   The information provided in this email is not meant to treat, cure or diagnose any illness, disease or health condition. Please contact a licensed health care provider with any concerns that you may have regarding your health condition.    

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