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Is Sitting Disease the New Smoking?


Car commuting, desk bound, TV watching?  This type of lifestyle can be harmful to your health!  Slumping over a keyboard, in front of the tube or parked behind a steering wheel is linked to a rise in Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer and even Depression, new studies are confirming. Experts are now calling this the “Sitting Disease.”

Even if you exercise daily but most of your day is spent at a desk or seated, you are at risk. If you are active but sit most of your day you are just as likely as a couch potato to have the same health problems. A 2012 study in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, found that people who spent an average of 64 hours sitting, 28 hours standing and 11 hours milling about (no organized exercise just walking around), were at a high risk of developing chronic disease. That equates to about 9 hours of sitting daily regardless of exercise level! They are calling people who do exercise and sit most of the day “active couch potatoes.”

In another study done at the University of Queensland, researchers found that when people sat more than standing or moving about they decreased their metabolism.

So please get up and move!

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