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October 3, 2010



How Much Water do you need to Drink Daily… And, also does it need to be water, or is any liquid OK?


It seems this question is always being asked by our patients so here are some answers…


Since this is an area of common misinformation we would like to set it straight.  It is vital that everyone be certain to have enough water intake to balance the body’s depletion.  And when we say water, we are very specific about it. We mean WATER, not juice, not soda, not milk, not almond or rice milk, or tea or coffee.  So, we don’t mean liquids, we mean WATER. In our experience the body treats other non-water liquids as food. This is due to the fact that they have calories, carbohydrates, and sometimes proteins and as such are food sources.


Now a vocabulary lesson… The word “dehydration” comes from two Latin and Greek words meaning “lower/remove water.” Notice that is isn’t “lower/remove liquids.”


Dehydration can occur if the correct type of water and amount of water isn’t taken in. Symptoms of dehydration vary from constipation, skin problems, headaches, fatigue and even subtle changes in mental status (difficulty concentrating, irritability), and can be as serious as seizures, coma, and death.


We recommend that people use spring water, as opposed to distilled or reverse osmosis (R.O.) water.  For very few people distilled or R.O. water is beneficial, but for most they actually create problems due to their absence of minerals. Without the benefit of testing someone we would always recommend spring water.



So What About the Amount of Water Needed?


The actual amount of water needed will vary in different situations. A general rule of thumb is to divide your weight (in pounds) by two and drink that many ounces of water per day. For example, a woman who weights 140 lbs. would drink 70 ounces of water daily. This amount would need to be varied if there are particular health or climate conditions. The key is to have good water available throughout the day.


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Dr. Larry Cimperman and Dr. Agnes Gallagher

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