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Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.-Mother Teresa

 The reasons why your health care professional offers Whole Food Nutritional Supplements.           


 Centuries of consumer shopping have proven that you cannot shampoo health into your hair, brush health into your teeth, gargle health into your breath, smear health into your skin, pound health into your muscles, or paint health onto your face.


Health is the result of a balanced flow of life energy. Nutrition plays the key role in the production and management of that energy. However, to simply say, “Eat a good diet,” offers only a vague concept incapable of healing a sick and depleted body. The body needs extra nutritional support to restore energy and proper function to all its systems.


Why can’t we live forever?


We know that machine parts wear out in time or break down because of wear and tear, neglect and abuse. However, unlike a machine, the human body can regenerate and renew itself, if it has what it needs. The body produces new cells every day for every organ and gland. Healing injuries, both minor and severe, is routine. Why then do we accept what seems to be inevitable aging and breakdown?



The answer to this question lies within us and under our feet. The soil by which we draw sustenance is the supply of building materials and energy in the form of plants. These plants supply food to all living things… animal and man. From this plant source we derive our foods both plant and animal. Unfortunately our modern mechanized world gives emphasis to quantity rather then quality foodstuffs. Although we pride ourselves on caloric abundance, devitalized and demineralized foods produce malnutrition just as surely as no food at all. 


Devitalized and Demineralized foods result from the following:


  •    Farming methods that do not rejuvenate the soil

  • Chemical farming techniques that contaminate soil

  • Over processing and devitalization of food

  • Chemical preservatives, artificial colors and flavors

  • Irradiation

  • Man –made foods devoid of natural nutrition

  • Pollution: water, air, agriculture 

So it is safe to say even those who eat a good diet of fruits and vegetable will not get all the nutrients needed to supply the body what it needs for energy and repair. Also, since we all have individual nutritional needs taking a multiple vitamin-mineral supplement may not supply all that is needed. Or even worse over dose you with unneeded vitamins and minerals. What works for one person may not work for another. This information, along with the analytical methods available from your health professional at this office combine to help design a nutritional program that is appropriate just for you.               


A health message from Dr. Cimperman and Dr. Gallagher

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This information contained in this email is not meant to treat, cure or diagnose any illness, disease or health conditon. Please contact your licensed health care provider for questions concerning yoour health.

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