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       Five Steps to Ease Anxiety


1.    MUSIC:  Use all your senses to help you relax. Incorporated music and relaxing scents along with a clam place in your home to maximize your de-stressing process.


2.    STRETCHING:  Take a few minutes every few hours to stretch, relax, and calm your mind. Slow down to help relax mind and body.


3.    DIET: Eat a diet full of foods with anti-inflammatory properties, such as, vegetables, low sugar foods, omega-3, and plant based proteins, like nuts. Eating healthy foods helps keep your mood stable.


4.    Exercise: Exercise raised endorphins in the body, nature’s natural stress relief hormone. Go for a walk around the block to get these hormones working. Exercise in short intervals throughout the day if time is an issue.


5.    SLEEP: Sleep is essential for our bodies to achieve a state of balance, healing and to avoid feeling stressed. Our bodies like rhythm, that is why regular sleep hours, eating times will help keep your stress hormones in  check. Eating every 3 hours and taking time to rest daily will improve your ability to handle stress.


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