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          5 Reasons to Eat Small

          Meals More Frequently!



Want a simple rule that is designed to improve your body image, give you energy, balance your metabolism? No, itís not another diet to consider. Itís a well researched rule that is easy to follow:


Eat smaller amounts throughout the day.


Reason One


Eating small meals conserves energy.


Reason Two


Fat is the bank your body uses when it canít use all the calories you consume.


Reason Three


Eating frequent smaller meals prevents the ups and downs of your blood sugar level so you end up craving less sugar.


Reason Four


Eating smaller amounts of food is better for the immune system.


Reason Five


This reason is so simpleÖ. You will feel better!


As always please direct any questions concerning your diet or health to Dr. Cimperman or Dr. Gallagher at 724-586-9777.


This email is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any illness or disease. Please contact a qualified licensed health care provider with any concerns your have about your health condition.

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