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          Heart Health

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Do Men and Women experience the same exact symptoms when having a Heart Attack?

Answer: The most common symptom in both men and women is chest discomfort; however, women generally have symptoms that are not typical. Both Men and Women only experience two common symtoms, shortness of breath with low exertion and extreme chest pressure.

Women experience many more symptoms which can make it confusing to distinguish a heart attack from a stomache to indigestion or even neck, back or jaw pain. Women can even have weakness, fatigue or a sense of impending doom. Any combination of these symptoms is considered a medical emergency. Seek immediate medical attention!!!


Do you know the Seven Factors of Ideal Heart Health?

The American Heart Association has a list of seven factors that they believe are the Ideal Heart Health Factors. Four of those include behaviors such as, nonsmoking,a body mass index below 25, goal-level physical activity and a healthy diet. The other three are health factors including cholesterol levels below 200mg/dL, blood pressure below 120/80, and a fasting blood-sugar below 100mg/dL.

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