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Could Fibromyalgia be an  Auto-Immune Disease?

Fibromyalgia is truly a symptom  of something else...cause unknown?

The current research has shown that Fibromyalgia is inflammation of the nerves and muscles causing pain and fatigue. This inflammation is caused by the body attacking itself, which is Auto-Immune Disease.

Modern medicine has little to offer those who suffer. Mostly prescription pain medicines, steroids and anti-depressants.

New Science has NEW HOPE for the pain and suffering of Fibromyalgia. We can now get to the cause of the problem with new in office testing.

Now available at our office, this concise testing will help us to find the cause of inflammation in the body. The information provided from this test is worth thousands of dollar.

Please help your family and friends that are in pain and suffering with this horrible disease. Let them know there is hope.

Call  us today and ask about this incredible test!


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