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We here at Health By Nature Nutrition highly recommend the use of Fruit and Vegetable Wash, a product from Consumer Health Research, Inc.


As we all know fruits and vegetables are essential to a healthy diet. They supply many important vitamins and mineral needed for good health.


 Have you ever noticed the wax on cucumbers?

 Pesticides, waxes and chemicals used in crop production are designed to resist insects and rain, making these contaminants difficult to remove with water.


Do you use bag salad?

Although bag salad is washed it still may have harmful substances (bacteria, parasites and pesticides and even human waste) can be found on the vegetables. 



 Do you use organic produce?

Well, even organic produce is subject to drift spraying and could contain harmful residues.


Are you concerned about bacteria and mold on your produce?

 Then please consider washing with a fruit and vegetable wash. Products such as Fruit and Vegetable Wash act to wash away any unwanted residues including certain bacteria and mold.


Independent laboratory tests have been done to prove that Fruit and Vegetable Wash is safe to remove surface pesticides, waxes and oils. It rinses off clean with no aftertaste.

Now you and your family can enjoy fruits and vegetables free from harmful resides, eat healthy and enjoy these foods the way nature intended.


Presented by Health By Nature Nutrition



This information is not meant to treat, cure or diagnose any disease, illness, or health condition. Please contact a qualified health care provider with any health concerns you may have.


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