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Cancer Fighting Foods You Should Eat

What you eat can affect how you feel within 15 minutes, but it can also impact your health in the long run. Consuming more vegetables and fruits and some whole grains is a smart plan for cancer prevention. There are some foods which can contribute to extra cancer protection.

Add these Six Foods to your grocery list!

1. Cruciferous vegetables-
broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts.
2. Grapefruit-
oranges and bell peppers are loaded with vitamin C
3. Pecans-
as well as walnuts can inhibit cancer cell growth
4. Tea-
green, black, oolong and white seem to lower the risk of cancer of the breast, colon, lung and ovaries.
5. Ginger-
fresh or dried may aid in cancer prevention
6. Rosemary-
contains a natural chemical to potentially reduce the risk of breast cancer

EAT UP these Fabulous Foods!

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