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Are You Experiencing a Digestive Meltdown?


Let's say you run out for a quick bite to eat at lunchtime or you are rushing around to get your children to all their activities so you stop at a nearby fast-food restaurant. You eat quickly so you can get back to work or wherever you need to be asap. Is it surprising that you might feel sluggish, bloated, or experience reflux? Eating meals with a high fat or carbohydrate content while under stress is a recipe for digestive system meltdown. Poor digestion affects our energy level, our ability to naturally heal and repair, and our general well being. Our bodies cannot use nutrients from the foods we eat unless they are properly digested.


Things that Negatively Affect or Slow our Digestion


Poor food choices

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is loaded with foods that slow digestion, which can lead to heartburn and indigestion.


Lack of enzymes or when our enzymes arenít working properly

As we age, our ability to digest lactose decreases and so does our ability to digest protein.


Not taking enough time to chew your foods properly

Eating quickly can lead to inadequate chewing

Foods that aren't chewed properly can be drier, which puts more stress on the esophagus.


Emotional and physical stress


These things all contribute to poor Digestion


How Can I Improve My Digestion?


Most digestive challenges can be attributed to enzyme imbalance, adding enzymes through whole food supplements may assist the body's digestion and contribute to overall health.

Enzymes may be missing due to natural dysfunction, aging, health challenges or emotional stress. They help in the absorption of key vitamins, minerals and nutrients. They can help you digest food after a big meal, as well as, help you to digest food that has not been chewed properly.


If you or a family member is suffering from digestive health concerns please contact either Dr. Cimperman or Dr. Gallagher for suggestions that could help you feel better naturally.


The contains of this email are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any health conditon, disease or illness. Please contact a qualified health care professional with any health concerns that you may be experiencing.

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