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We're interested in getting your family and you healthy. So in addition to information and personal treatment you'll receive from becoming a patient of our office, we've provided lots of health resources right from our website. Take a moment and browse through some of our resources below.
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Each week we publish a newsletter that's emailed out and also available for viewing from our website. Sign up for our newsletter.
Radio Shows
We also do radio shows and seminars on health. You can browse through and listen to our radio shows right from our website. You can also find a list of our most recent shows on the left hand side of the page.
Health Blog
Read our chiropractic and nutritional blog. We've also provided very helpful tips on health in our blog. As well, feel free to comment on our blog posts.
Chiropractic & Nutritional Articles
Read our chiropractic and nutritional articles. In our articles section of our website you'll find answers to commonly and uncommonly asked questions about chiropractic care and nutritional health.
This website is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used as medical advice. One should see a qualified and licensed professional for health advice. Statements on this website are only to help in choosing our office for chiropractic, nutritional and health care.
Free Live Health Event
COMING SOON!: The Herbal Minute: Inflammation (Releasing 7:00pm on April 29th) Watch the video, click here

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