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8 Holiday Treats That Are Already Gluten-Free

Just because you’re gluten-free doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holidays. Here are 8 reasons to have more holiday cheer this season. This infographic was designed by Middlesex Chiropractic Center, a chiropractor Butler PA.

8 Holiday Treats That Are Already Gluten-Free

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  1. Peppermint Bark

    Enjoy this cherished Christmas treat this year knowing it’s gluten-free. But beware some candy canes are NOT gluten-free. Although most are, it’s best to consult the ingredients to ensure it contains no gluten.

  2. Peanut Brittle

    Although this sweet candy contains nuts, it’s free of gluten. And best of all it doesn’t have to be made with just peanuts. It can be made with a variety of different nuts such as almonds (my favorite), pecans, and even bits of walnuts.

  3. Toffee

    As long as it’s made without flour, you’re safe to enjoy this sticky and sweet treat. Sprinkle some crushed nuts on top and make this treat even better. Most toffee is made by caramelizing sugar or molasses.

  4. Chocolate Fudge (homemade)

    Fudge can satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth and it’s sure to hit the spot this year because it’s gluten-free if homemade. So this year when you’re over friend’s or family’s houses know that it’s highly likely you’ll be able to enjoy Aunt Betty or Grandma Carol’s homemade fudge. Obviously it’s still a good idea to ask if they used any products that contain gluten when creating these savory treats.

  5. Eggnog

    Eggnog is a staple during the Christmas holiday season. This year know you’re safe drinking a glass of this traditional holiday drink. Add a little cinnamon and even a cinnamon stick this holiday to make this traditional drink even more festive.

  6. Carmel Corn

    This sweet and salt treat can be enjoyed until your hearts content this holiday season. Carmel corn is gluten free and is great to munch on with friends and family around an open fire or while watching your favorite holiday movie.

  7. Apple Cider

    A wonderful a winter time drink that can be served hot or cold, but best of all it’s gluten free. Add a cinnamon stick or a few pinches of cinnamon to create an even more rich flavor. My favorite is to heat up some apple cider, add a cinnamon stick, a few pinches of cinnamon, and top it with some whip cream.

  8. Mixed Nuts

    Know your safe this holiday season when your offered some mixed nuts at a holiday party or get some for a gift. And if you’re thinking about giving these to someone who is gluten-free then try adding some different varieties of nuts, including peanuts with a more reddish skin color, to give them a more festive presentation.

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